Sleeping Beagle

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Every dog has it’s own personality and my beagle is LAZY.  The picture I posted the other day is very typical…The beagle likes to wake up late – usually 11 AM or later.  Why is he so tired???  He doesn’t really do anything!  The beagles typical day:\

11 AM – Wake up

11:05 – Go outside for an hour or so

12 noon – Come in and steal the other dog’s food

12:15 – Retire to the office for a nap

3:30 – Go back outside for an hour

4:30 – Nervously pace around the kitchen waiting for dinner

5:00 – Eat dinner

5:01 – Finish dinner and stalk the other dog’s food dish for any scraps

5:15 – Site under the table to see if kids will either drop food or feed him

5:30 – time for another nap

6:30 – Go outside again wearing his jacket

7:00 – Another nap

8:00 – Usually plays with the lab for an hour or so

9:00 – Nervously pace the kitchen hoping for a snack

10:00 – ANOTHER nap

11:00 – Walk outside

11:15 – Nervously pace the kitchen waiting for a snack

11:30 – Bed


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Beagle Snacks

The beagle has now gained weight….red alert. After 3 years of steady weight the pounds are packing on – 4 pounds. 4 pounds for a 30 pound dog if more than a 10% weight gain. Not exactly sure why this has happened, maybe he is just getting too old for the amount of food he is getting. I also think he may be stealing the other dogs food in the morning. Bad beagle. Going to have to start looking for some lower calorie snacks and cut back the number. FAT BEAGLE!

Healthy Beagle Snacks

My beagle is gaining weight!  Clearly I am feeding him too much.  He steals my larger dogs food in the morning, eats a can of wet dog food at night, usually gets a little table food and then has a midnight snack with me.  Until I just wrote this, I didn’t realize how much he is eating!  He looks like a little middle aged man with a pot belly…..not good.  I am going to have to cut back and I am going to have to go back to ordering from the health food dogstore!

My black lab has always been a little heavy and I have tried everything to bring her weight down.  Nothing has seemed to work.  It’s almost as if she sneaks out at night and drives to McDonalds.  She’s not exactly fat, but she is ceertainly plump.  Have to work harder on that I guess.  Can’t let the little pot belly beagle get any bigger.  Think I will post a picture of his belly soon!

There is a link to a “pet health food store” above in the menu bar iff you are interested in checking it out.  I am going to have to start using them again!